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DOC-512 Business Tips for Implementing Mobile Solutions

Hardly a day goes by without some major announcement on a new technology, tablet or smartphone. The marketing push is so great that you HAVE to get it!
But let's stay focused on the reality and not the hype. For example, Unified Communications (UC) was an absolute necessity a few years ago but it didn't get the traction that vendors thought it would. In layman terms: for a lot of us, the pain, (financial or otherwise), just wasn't enough to migrate to the new service.
The same with LTE mobile devices – sure they give you more capabilities and are faster. But the reality of existing contracts and corporate practices could make it impossible to replace what you have right now.
That doesn't mean you shouldn't have a mobile strategy for your business. If anything, all this hype should push you to have a plan.
Here are some tips for implementing mobile solutions which will make it easier to be successful. I'll state upfront: a lot of this is not rocket science, but you'd be surprised at how many organizations don't take the time to properly plan and execute.
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