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DOC-523 Mobile Payment Models and Technologies - Part 1: Remote Mobile Payments

This article, the 3rd in my series on mobile money, will look at some of the ways in which mobile payments are being implemented. It will describe the category of mobile payments called remote mobile payments, where a consumer uses a mobile device to make a purchase without interacting with a physical Point of Sale (POS) system. A 4th article, to be released later this year, will cover proximity mobile payments, where a consumer uses a mobile device to pay for something at a physical POS (eg a store or a vending machine) or to make a payment using a mobile POS device.
As mentioned above, remote mobile payments are transactions in which the consumer uses a mobile device to buy something ‘at a distance'. There is no interaction with a physical POS device. A typical example of this type of payment would be purchasing something from an e-Commerce site. The purchaser is remote and not physically close to the device that processes the sale.
There are three main categories of remote mobile payments: 1) SMS-based payments, 2) Direct Mobile Billing, and 3) Mobile Web Payments.
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