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HRM-105 Training & Organizational Performance: Issues & Strategies


*This course is also available as a live distance learning course*

This Virtual Classroom Training will provide participants with the training tools and approaches required to transfer appropriate skills to employees so that they may achieve their organization's business objectives.

Neotelis' Virtual Classroom Training offers live, real-time training sessions led by an expert trainer on a web-based videoconferencing platform. The course offers the benefits of Neotelis' Face-to-Face Training at a distance and without the need to travel to a training location.

The number of participants to a Virtual Classroom Training is limited to allow for maximum interaction with the trainer and between participants during the live sessions.

The Virtual Classroom Training ‘Training & Organizational Performance: Issues & Strategies' runs for a total of 16 hours and consists of 8 live virtual classroom sessions of 2 hours each, run over two consecutive weeks. Off-line activities are also included in the training course between the live sessions to increase participant learning and retention.

At the end of the training course, participants will have acquired the skills to:

  • Develop a training strategy which is conducive to achieving the organization's business objectives
  • Know what elements to consider and take into account in the production of a training course with respect to the target audience, the competencies to transfer and the training time required


    • Learn how to identify what skills should be developed to achieve the organization's business objectives
    • Identify how to evaluate acquired skills/competencies
    • Analyze the various training/learning approaches along with their advantages and disadvantages
    • Provide managers with the tools they need to implement and effectively manage the organizational change imposed by the establishment of an innovative training/learning approach
    • Identify how to evaluate the performance of a training course
    • Understand how to develop a training course to transfer one or more key competencies aligned with the organization's business objectives


    *Note: the course structure may be subject to change as trainings are updated on a regular basis.

    Skills management: an overview

    • Know what currently exists before planning the future
    • Identification of requirements: the skills repository, the job description and the organizational structure
    • Skills/performance evaluation

    Understanding the organization's business objectives

    • The notion of “performance”
    • Understanding the organization's short, medium, and long-term objectives
    • Defining the target audience
    • Defining a training vision
    • Developing a training strategy
    • Developing training/learning tools/approaches

    Various training/learning approaches

    • Face-to-face (in class with a trainer)
    • Online (synchronous and asynchronous)
    • On the job (mentoring/coaching)
    • Social (community of practitioners, sharing of experience/knowledge)

    Change management

    • Internal communication dedicated to the project
    • Involvement of the target audience
    • Evaluation of training and implementation of corrective measures

    Designing training course content: tips and tricks to improve the quality of learning

    • Software for more dynamic presentations
    • Animation techniques
    • Medium to promote learning

    Target Audience

    • Managers and personnel responsible for human resources, training and/or organizational development


    Neotelis Virtual Classroom Trainings combine real-time (live) Virtual Classroom sessions on a web-based videoconferencing platform with an expert trainer and off-line activities in-between live sessions. Presentations, workshops, case studies, and discussions on real-life situations faced by participants, as well as videos, whiteboards, quizzes and questionnaires are all used to engage participants and enhance their learning experience.

    The training material is designed to provide practical tools which can be immediately applied in a work environment, and the complete material is provided to all participants for future reference and follow-up action plans.

    Access to Neotelis Virtual Classroom Trainings requires a computer, a webcam, a headset and microphone and a stable internet connection.

    About Neotelis

    Neotelis provides training, consulting, conferences and publications to the telecommunications industry worldwide. Its team of senior experts has trained thousands of executives and managers working for operators, regulators, policy-makers and governments in over 120 countries around the world.

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    This has been a fantastic training. We should do more of this type of training to get a better competitive edge.
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    A great training experience.
    Excellent from beginning to end. The trainer has the touch.
    It was extremely helpful & has enhanced my job performance.
    Neotelis is always good. And the trainer brought it to another level.