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REG-107 Strategic Regulatory Affairs & Compliance in Telecom




*This course is also available as a live distance learning course*

Regulations are a fact of life in telecommunications, and regulations have a big impact on the telecom industry and organizations operating within the industry. For an efficiently functioning telecom sector, it is essential to have a positive and effective relationship between a regulator, the country's operators and the consumers in a country.

This 5-day training course provides participants with the knowledge, tools, and techniques to successfully manage the relationship between a regulator, the country's operators and consumers to have a positive, strategic impact on their organization's success.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the dynamics of telecom regulation and the impacts of the industry changes on regulators, operators and consumers
  • Explain what constitutes effective regulation and a ‘best practices' regulator in an ICT-driven world
  • Formulate effective regulatory compliance programs and describe how compliance can be a competitive advantage
  • Apply knowledge, tools, and techniques necessary to build an effective relationship between an operator, a regulator and consumers
  • Discuss current key issues in 4th generation regulation and regulatory approaches for dealing with those issues


The training course covers the following topics:DAY 1
  • Evolution of regulation
    • Regulation today versus yesterday
  • Case study: IPTV & video streaming - Acquiring content through vertical convergence
  • Workshop: Trends and impacts
  • Reasons for regulation
    • Economic theory of competition
    • Market power
    • Evolution of regulation
  • Convergence, disruption and the shift to NGNs
    • Age of disruption
    • Digital transformation
    • Network evolution to NGNs
    • Opportunities for operators
    • NGN and convergence
    • Open internet/Net neutrality
    • Zero-rating
  • Workshop: Zero rating – Good or bad for consumers?
  • The “Best practices” regulator
  • Workshop: Prioritizing best practices
  • Identifying areas of potential regulatory intervention
    • Risks of regulatory intervention
    • Intervention to protect consumers
    • Intervention to promote competition
  • Workshop: Creating an inventory
    • Building an effective regulatory affairs team
      • Organization of the regulatory affairs and compliance function
      • Compliance process
      • Improving relationships
    • Enforcement of compliance – impacts on operators
    • Workshop: Fines for compliance failures – how much is too much?
    • Workshop: Bridging the gaps
    • Broadband, wireless and spectrum policy
      • Importance of spectrum for mobile broadband
      • The path to 5G
      • Need for more spectrum
      • IoT
      • Shift in spectrum allocation policy
      • Impacts of regulatory intervention
    • Workshop: Regulatory risks around spectrum licensing
    DAY 4
      • What cannot be left solely to market
        • Significant market power
        • Universal access obligations
        • Dispute resolution
        • Consumer protection
        • Privacy
      • Workshop: Dispute resolution
      DAY 5
      • Disruption and regulatory reform
        • Emerging regulatory challenges
        • One model for ex-post “functional” regulation
      • Workshop: Rethinking regulation in a digital world

      Target Audience

      • Telecommunications managers and personnel involved in telecom regulation and policy-making
      • Managers looking to complement their skill-set by gaining a good understanding of telecommunications regulation


      A combination of engaging activities and dynamic presentations to stimulate and maximize participants' learning.



      A selection of Neotelis' training courses is held in various cities around the world. Please contact us at training@neotelis.com for the complete Yearly Training Calendar.


      Neotelis can also deliver in-house sessions of this course specifically for your organization. Please contact us at training@neotelis.com for more information and a Proposal.

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      • Presential
      It was an excellent training for me.I. P. M. M. (Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA))
      The atmosphere was wonderful. The instructor's experience is good. A. A. F. (Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) )
      I enjoyed the practical discussions on best practices and comparisons with other jurisdictions on specific regulatory issues. S. D. G. (Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA))
      I enjoy everything that you teach, it is not boring and everything is interesting. C. K. (Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC))
      The training course material is nice and insightful. It’s easy to read and understand. The course is very useful and relevant. I. E. (MTN Nigeria)
      It was a good presentation and an excellent time. I look forward to more of such training interventions. I was worth the while.I. N. (MTN Nigeria)