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MGT-100 Mini MBA in Telecommunications


An intensive 10-day Mini MBA to equip participants with the cross-functional knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to excel in telecommunications management.

The telecommunications industry is becoming ever more global and competitive. Success in telecom requires sharp, business-savvy management teams and adherence to sound business management principles.

The Mini MBA in Telecommunications offers a comprehensive business look at the core areas necessary for personal and organisational success in telecommunications. The program offers participants an opportunity to further master the management and business skills relevant to today's telecommunications industry. Through lectures, functional-area case studies and an ongoing comprehensive case competition tying together all functional areas, the Training Program ensures that participants understand key business practices and develop their managerial skills to reach personal goals and increase their contribution to the success of their organization.


  • Provide participants with the cross-functional knowledge, managerial and commercial skills to increase their performance in meeting their professional responsibilities
  • Equip participants with tools and techniques to face the challenges of the new telecommunications environment
  • Improve the competence, efficiency and effectiveness of participants as telecommunications managers and leaders
  • Expose participants to key telecommunications management concepts and issues
  • Improve the strategic thinking and decision-making abilities of participants



Introduction of Mini MBA in Telecommunications

  • Overview of curriculum
  • Meet the participants

Global and competitive telecommunications environment

  • Global market evolution and trends
  • New telecom players
  • New technologies and service offerings: wired (xDSL, Cable, FTTx), wireless (3G, 4G), NGN, devices, triple and quadruple plays, mobile content services, IPTV, Others
  • Industry outlook
  • Challenges, impacts and opportunities

Functional-area case #1

360º executive case part 1: Introduction to the case scenario


Strategic and business planning

  • The importance of strategic thinking and planning
  • Strategic planning process and responsibilities
  • Environmental assessment
  • Corporate mission, vision and objectives
  • Strategy formulation
  • Implementation

Functional-area case #2

360º executive case part 2: Overall strategy


Current issues in regulation and competition

  • Licensing
  • Interconnection
  • Tariffs
  • Numbering
  • Spectrum management
  • Infrastructure sharing
  • Universal service/access
  • Dispute resolution

Functional-area case #3

DAY 4 & DAY 5 AM

Network planning and management

  • Fundamental network concepts
  • Network planning
  • Network management, monitoring and control
  • Network deployment and project management
  • Evolution to NGN

Functional-area case #4

360º executive case part 3: Network evolution

DAY 5 PM & DAY 6

Marketing and customer care management

  • Customer intelligence
  • Marketing plan
  • Marketing mix (product, price, promotion, place)
  • New product introduction
  • Customer care management

Functional-area case #5

360º executive case part 4: Market & services


Human resources management

  • Recruiting
  • Global compensation (pay, incentives, benefits and pensions)
  • Performance management
  • Employee relations
  • Learning, training and organizational development
  • The typical operator

360º executive case part 5: Organizational impacts


Financial management

  • Budget and control
  • Costing/cost allocation
  • Risk assessment and management techniques
  • Business case and investment analysis
  • Financial information and data for executive decision-making

360º executive case part 6: Building the business case


Management and leadership

  • The importance of competent management
  • Skills and techniques
  • The effective manager
  • Leadership: leadership vs. management, the leader's role, leadership styles

Change management

  • The change process
  • Change management strategies
  • Issues and challenges in the telecommunications organizations

360º executive case part 7: Convincing the Board

DAY 10

360º executive case part 8: Board presentations

Awards ceremony

Wrap-up and close of Mini MBA in Telecommunications

Target Audience

  • Mid to senior-level telecommunications managers looking to increase their personal and professional success by gaining an excellent understanding of global telecommunications management


Our training courses combine expert presentations, workshops, case studies and discussions on real-life situations faced by participants. Complete training material is provided to all participants for future reference and follow-up action plans.


Our public training courses are held at regular intervals in selected cities around the world. Upon request, our expert trainers can lead private training courses at the location of your choice or using a virtual classroom (distance training using a web-conferencing platform). For more information, or if interested in a private session, please contact us at training@neotelis.com.


Neotelis provides training, consulting, conferences and publications to the telecommunications industry worldwide. Its team of experts has trained thousands of executives and managers working for operators, regulators, policy-makers and governments in over 100 countries around the world.


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