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ENG-401 Introduction to Data Networks & TCP/IP


*This course is also available as a live distance learning course*

A 3-day Training Program to provide participants with an introduction to data networks and TCP/IP. This Training Program delves into the nuts and bolts of the technologies and protocols that drive the Internet and today's corporate networks.


No prerequisite is required for this Training Program.


  • Describe the fundamental principles of data networks
  • Explain how the Ethernet protocol functions
  • Define routing components, concepts and protocols
  • Identify the features of the IP
  • Present how to design an IP addressing plan
  • Describe the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) and Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
  • Provide the characteristics of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP)



  • Evolution to data networks
  • Bits and bytes: using 0s and 1s
  • Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) and TCP/IP models
  • Encapsulation and decapsulation
  • Main elements and components

Link layer of the TCP/IP stack

  • Link layer functions
  • Network types and topologies
  • Collision domains and the evolution to switching
  • Ethernet: the de facto Local Area Network (LAN) standard

Network layer of the TCP/IP stack

  • Network layer functions
  • Inside the router: the heart of the network layer
  • Routing concepts and protocols

Internet Protocol (IP)

  • IP header
  • IP addressing
  • Subnetting, Variable Length Subnet Masking (VLSM) and Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR)
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Case study: devising an IP addressing plan for a multi-site corporate network

ARP protocol

  • ARP functions and operation
  • ARP header
  • Concept of a cache

ICMP protocol

  • ICMP functions
  • ICMP header
  • ICMP messages
  • ICMP applications: ping and traceroute

Transport layer of the TCP/IP stack

  • Transport layer functions
  • TCP features
  • TCP header
  • TCP concepts: connection management, sliding window and timers
  • Example of TCP utilization: File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
  • UDP features
  • UDP header
  • Examples of UDP utilization: Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DCHP) and real-time traffic transport
  • TCP vs. UDP

Target Audience

  • Technical personnel in engineering or operations interested in or needing to understand data networks and the Internet Protocol (IP) suite
  • Technical managers or others looking to complement their skill-set by gaining a better understanding of IP data networks


A combination of engaging activities and dynamic presentations to stimulate and maximize participants' learning.



A selection of Neotelis' training courses is held in various cities around the world. Please contact us at training@neotelis.com for the complete Yearly Training Calendar.


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This has been a fantastic training. We should do more of this type of training to get a better competitive edge.
A great training experience. One of the most relevant in my career!
Overall, a very good program that I would highly recommend.
A great training experience.
Excellent from beginning to end. The trainer has the touch.
It was extremely helpful & has enhanced my job performance.
Neotelis is always good. And the trainer brought it to another level.