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MKG-130 Data Analytics for Telecom Marketing





*This course is also available as a live distance learning course*

Data collection, cleansing, assessment, analysis and use of that data is a critical tool for marketers to succeed in a competitive business environment such as that of telecommunications. Without useful data analytics, a marketer is doing marketing ‘in the dark'.

This 5- day Training Course covers the key concepts, tools and techniques of using data analytics to provide insights useful to telecom marketers in improving their marketing strategy and tactics. Using data analytics software, participants will practice applying analytic techniques to common telecom marketing challenges.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Recognize the importance and role of data analytics in a telecom organization, particularly in a marketing context
  • Link data analytics to strategy
  • Describe the process of data analytics from the sources of data to the communication of results
  • Explain fundamental statistical analytics concepts
  • Use analytic tools, techniques and best practices for better accuracy in decision making
  • Use analytics to implement effective customer profile segments, improve pricing and forecasting, and increase customer loyalty and reduce churn.
  • Implement effective analytics-based projects using the CRISP-DM methodology
The training course covers the following topics:
Day 1
  • Introduction to data analytics
  • Data analytics and planning
  • Big data
  • Data analytics process
  • Data sources
Day 2
  • Data analytics tools and techniques
    • Data analytics tools
    • Statistical methods
    • Modeling techniques
    • Data visualization
  • Data mining
  • Demo: Introduction to data analytics tools
  • Workshop: Preparation for an analytics project
Day 3
  • Application – Segmentation
    • Segmentation definition & methods
    • Segmentation modeling
    • K-means statistical algorithm
    • Two-step statistical algorithm
  • Demo: K-means algorithm
  • Demo: Two-step algorithm
  • Workshop: Segmentation
Day 4
  • Application - Prediction
    • Price regression
    • Revenue forecasting
  • Demo: Time series analysis
  • Workshop: Forecasting
Day 5
  • Application - Customer loyalty and churn analysis
    • Customer loyalty definition
    • Churn measure and effect
    • Decision trees analysis statistical algorithm
  • Demo: Traditional statistical algorithms
  • Demo: CHAID model
  • Workshop: Churn
  • Workshop: Data analytics project
Target Audience
  • Department managers and personnel involved in marketing, customer experience and preparing value propositions.
  • Analysts using data analytics to provide input for marketing decision making


A combination of engaging activities and dynamic presentations to stimulate and maximize participants' learning.



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  • Presential
The trainer gave us real-life examples that were related to our work problems.
Great training as it helps to reshape our approach while analyzing and solving a problem.
The trainer, M. Martin, is very friendly and helpful, he has a very unique way of training, and the most enjoyable thing was the group discussions about the real issues.