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MGT-137 Digital Transformation Leadership & Strategies (Virtual Classroom)

Digital Transformation Leadership & Strategies

Telecommunications is becoming ever more global and competitive, and success requires a solid grasp of key aspects of the industry. "Digital Transformation Leadership & Strategies" covers the best practices and strategies for leading and managing an effective and successful digital transformation in an enterprise.

This content will be adapted for delivery in a virtual classroom.


A virtual classroom training course of four (4) half-days to provide professionals with essential knowledge of best practices and strategies for leading and managing an effective and successful digital transformation (DX) in an enterprise.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain DX, its purpose, benefits and challenges
  • Share examples of successful DX
  • Recognize and apply fundamental leadership concepts
  • Exhibit key leadership behaviours that support the changes of DX
  • Describe DX key success factors
  • Identify best practices and define strategies for a successful DX


The training course covers the following topics:

Digital transformation

  • Definition
  • Purpose and benefits
  • Challenges and obstacles
  • Main areas and key elements of DX
  • Steps of DX
  • DX examples

Fundamental leadership concepts

  • Leadership and organisations
  • Defining leadership
  • Competencies of an effective leader
  • Leadership styles and behaviours
  • Power and influence
  • Emotional intelligence

Change management

  • Dealing with change
  • Growth mindset
  • Leadership and vision
  • Importance of communication

Leading change: digital transformation

  • Key success factors
  • Developing a digital mindset
  • Best practices for successful DX
  • Exploring DX strategies
  • Self-assessment

Target Audience

Professionals, managers and executives who need an overall understanding of best practices and strategies to lead and manage a successful digital transformation of their organisation.


Neotelis Virtual Classroom Trainings combine real-time (live) Virtual Classroom sessions on a web-based videoconferencing platform with an expert trainer and off-line activities in-between live sessions. Presentations, workshops, case studies, and discussions on real-life situations faced by participants, as well as videos, whiteboards, quizzes and questionnaires are all used to engage participants and enhance their learning experience.

The training material is designed to provide practical tools which can be immediately applied in a work environment, and the complete material is provided to all participants for future reference and follow-up action plans.

Access to Neotelis Virtual Classroom Trainings requires a computer, a webcam, a headset and microphone and a stable internet connection.

About Neotelis

Neotelis provides training, consulting, conferences and publications to the telecommunications industry worldwide. Its team of senior experts has trained thousands of executives and managers working for operators, regulators, policy-makers and governments in over 120 countries around the world.

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4 half-days
20-23 June 2022
Virtual Classroom
  • Virtual class
This has been a fantastic training. We should do more of this type of training to get a better competitive edge.
A great training experience. One of the most relevant in my career!
Overall, a very good program that I would highly recommend.
A great training experience.
Excellent from beginning to end. The trainer has the touch.
It was extremely helpful & has enhanced my job performance.
Neotelis is always good. And the trainer brought it to another level.