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DOC-505 First-Contact Resolution

For many organizations, first-contact resolution (FCR) is a key indicator of efficiency in the Customer Relations Centre (CRC) as well as an excellent predictor of customer satisfaction and loyalty. According to numerous analysts, increasing FCR can help reduce the volume of contacts to be handled and hence contribute to reducing CRC operating costs.
In that case, how can we calculate how many customer requests were resolved with the first contact? FCR can seem easy to calculate, however few companies agree on the definition of FCR and even less on a standard way to measure it.
According to our benchmark study conducted in February 2012, methods for measuring FCR vary greatly from one firm to the next. However, the FCR indicator is not yet widely used, as, although many CRCs have integrated this indicator or are considering implementing an FCR index, one-third of this study's participants say they are lacking the resources, techniques and tools to do so.
Your customers want their questions answered or issues resolved efficiently within a reasonable timeframe. However, based on the responses provided by CRC managers taking part in the study, we have noted that, depending on an organization's business sector or on the nature of the customer request, it is sometimes difficult to resolve all of their requirements in a single interaction. But technological advances, improved quality assurance coaching, a better sense of responsibility on the part of CSRs and tools to measure customer satisfaction will lead to improved levels of FCR.
According to experts:
  • "A 20 to 35% proportion of CRC operating costs comes from numerous customer recalls over short periods of time."
  • "The customer satisfaction index can drop to 35% when a customer must make several calls to obtain the response to a simple request."
  • "When a customer's request or issue is satisfactorily resolved with a single call, there is only a 3% risk of his defecting to the competition. Otherwise, the risk of defection rises to 15%."
  • "The processing cost for a call can increase by 500% if the call turns into a complaint and requires escalation processes."
What we must remember from these statements is that the FCR index is in strong correlation with the customer satisfaction index; likewise, according to SQM3: "A 1% gain in FCR translates as a 1% gain in customer satisfaction."
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