Neotelis Learning Units (NLU)

Since 2012, all Neotelis Training Courses provide learning credits called Neotelis Learning Units or NLUs. NLUs apply to Face-to-Face, Virtual Classroom, e-Learning and Hybrid Training Courses and are consistent with the two highest and internationally recognized learning credits: the Continuing Education Unit (CEU*) and the International Learning Unit (ILU**).
1 NLU = 1 CEU = 1 ILU
NLU offers an additional guarantee of excellence in training which reflects Neotelis' commitment to respond to the interests and quality requirements of our clients.
The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is an internationally recognized learning credit equal to ten hours of participation in an accredited program designed for certified or licensed professionals practicing in various professions.
An International Learning Unit (ILU) is a learning credit gained by completing an outcome-based evaluation composed of 5 content items learned, with a pass rate of 80% (© LERN). For online training, a further criterion is that the participant must make one or two pertinent comments per module in the online discussions related to the training.