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DOC-514 La convergence des technologies mène à de nouvelles relations

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By Matthew Clulow, Clulow AssociatesI recently attended an industry event hosted by the Community of Telecommunications Consultants (CTC) in Toronto. The value of the people in this organization was evident by the end of the first meeting.
Digital media versus telecom infrastructure
I am a digital media producer and not a telecom consultant, but my work-product invariably involves some aspect of the telecom world. As we move toward Unified Communications, I often find myself recommending various mediums to deliver the message I create. Unified communications is changing my work-flow; how I produce various media. It is essential that I keep pace with emerging technologies.
I was writing a related article for UBM Tech Web and chatted with Roberta J. Fox, Chief Innovation Officer of Fox Group on the topic of Unified Communications (or often just referred to as "UC") to get her viewpoint. Fox gave me several reasons for involving independent consultants rather than going direct to a specific vendor when selecting and implementing UC solutions.
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