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DOC-502 L'ABC de la gestion des frais de communications mobiles (partie 1)

*NOTE: Cet article n'est présentement disponible qu'en anglais.By Hans & Annelie Bergman, TelDesign
With regularity, the dreaded message comes down from above: We need to take a good look at our expenses. If you are the "lucky" person responsible for the mobile telecommunications expenses, you know all too well that this exercise will take a lot of your time and that the results of your effort may or may not bear fruit. So what are you going to do?
Even though your organization might have looked critically at the expenses for mobile telecommunications before, chances are that this was done by someone else, and that the process followed at that time was not properly documented. Information regarding the effectiveness of these earlier reviews is typically captured in anecdotal statements such as "we found a ton of stuff". In short, you're not sure where to begin, and you feel that you need to reinvent the wheel. Hopefully, this article, the first of two on the subject, will give you a head start for the next time your boss comes to tell you that the mobile expenses need to be reviewed, and will reduce the amount of time that you will spend on this process.
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