Mr. Roger Steele

Roger Steele Mr. Roger Steele is an industry expert in both fixed and mobile telecommunications. He has worked on a wide range of international assignments where he uses his broad experience of business issues and technology to help clients. Mr. Steele has a deep understanding of the financial and operational issues facing operators and he uses this to help with investment and cost-management decisions. His financial modelling is supported by technical and regulatory knowledge. His analytical work has been used to set regulatory-controlled cost-based interconnect prices. 

Mr. Steele's skills and knowledge cover: national/regulatory/business/ broadband strategies, broadband cost analysis, telco accounting systems and charts of accounts, cost modelling including interconnect costing, operator due diligence appraisal, cost and profit analysis, Activity Based Costing, competition/regulatory economics, telco organization and management, service procurement for large businesses (outsourcing), regulatory affairs, strategy, and an in-depth understanding of a wide range of telecommunications technologies. Mr. Steele has been a regular speaker at international conferences on telecoms financial analysis, cost modeling and pricing. He has helped regulators develop consultation papers and has provided training and workshops to build skills and knowledge.

Mr. Roger Steele has had extensive experience running courses and workshops (going back to when he delivered lecture courses whilst doing his PhD at university). Training and knowledge transfer forms a significant part of many of his projects. Roger has led training courses on Cost Modeling for several operators and regulators including for the ITU, NTI Egypt, Omantel, Paltel and Jawwal, EPT Luxembourg, Vodafone Egypt, Skynet, Vipnet and CITC Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Roger Steele was previously a Director at Deloitte Corporate Finance Economic Consulting team and a Director and Practice Leader at Ovum.  He has also worked at PA Consulting Group, for BT Syncordia (later Concert) as Equipment Engineering Manager, and also at BT Labs as an Executive Engineer (pioneering optical communications systems in common use today).  He also worked as a development Engineer for a venture capital start-up.

Mr. Steele holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering and a PhD in Optical Communications.